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Steps to Enrollment

Fee structure: School fees for 2019 are as follows: A deposit of R1000 is payable as soon as possible to secure your child’s spot. Please note that Phyzz Ed is included in your school fees and this extra mural will take place once a week for half an hour lesson.

Option A: 12 monthly payments. (January – December) Payable by the 2nd day of each month.

Option B: 11 Monthly payments (January – November) Payable by the 2nd day of each month

Option C: One yearly payment. Payable by the 7th January 2019

Family discount: If you have 2 children attending Little Minds Montessori in 2019, you will receive a 5 % discount on your total bill. If you have 3 children attending Little Minds Montessori in 2019, you will receive a 7% discount on your total bill

  • The Montessori Method of teaching has five main areas I.e. Practical life, sensorial, Language, Math’s and cultural. As I’m sure you have noticed, a great deal of equipment is used to create a learning environment which is challenging and full of exciting discoveries, but at the same time, happy, non-threatening and noncompetitive. The Montessori equipment is used daily by the children, and through wear and tear does need regular maintaining and replacing. Parents are required to pay a termly equipment fee of R250, (Please note that there are 3 terms) so that the equipment is always available and in good working condition.

Each child will receive their own stationary pack to increase their sense of responsibility and respect for their own belongings. A once off stationery fee is required in the first month from each child. These items are very good quality and should last the children the whole year. If any of your child’s pencils, glue or books are finished Little Minds will replace it at no extra charge.

When handing in your application forms for 2019 please include the following:

  • A copy of his/her immunization card.
  • A copy of his/her medical aid card.
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate.
  • Copy of Mom and Dad’s Id document.

What to bring on your first day of school?

  • A bag with a morning snack and a change of clothes.
  • Nappies, wet wipes and bum cream if your child is not yet toilet trained.
  • 1X liquid hand wash.
  • 1X box of tissues.
  • 2X packets of wet wipes.
  • 4X toilet rolls.
  • An apron.
  • Bottle of sunscreen.
  • A hat.
  • A cot sized sheet and a blanket clearly marked with your child’s name if they will be sleeping at school.
  • Photograph of your child.
  • Family photograph.

Please may all these items be labeled with your child’s name.